No… we can be anyone that we want to be, but there’s no reason to be radical…

Zoe 23 years old

Where are you from?

Hong Kong.

Is this your first time visiting Paris?

No, it’s actually my third time.

Why are you here?

I’m trying to apply a school here.

What field are you looking for?

I want to study languages, French of course, and others.

What attracts you the most in Paris?

It’s a big city, there’s a lot to see and visit. And I can do all the shopping here.

For you, what does the word ‘free’ mean?

That I can do anything that I like.

Are you free?

No. I have dreams that couldn’t come true because of practical matters.

What kind of child were you?

I was quiet, shy, smiley, and daydreamy.

How did your teacher think of you?

Shy, but definitely a good student, I had quite good results.

How does music take place in your life?

It’s really important to me, I can’t live my life without music. Since I’m a dancer, and music goes well with dancing, so…

How long have you been dancing?

18 years.

How do you feel during the days that you are not dancing?

I feel like I’m dying.

Do you want to be a professional dancer?

Yes, of course. Although it’s not easy to be one (especially in France), I’ll try to be a freelancer, professionally.

What kind of dance are you engaged to?

Contemporary, modern, classic…

Are you here for your holiday?

No, actually I still have class, I’m just here to get some information on applying schools but yah it’s like a vacation for me (laugh).

Have you visited any museum since you arrived here?

I visited the louvre the first time I was in Paris.

And what did you think?

It was great. I was like, ‘wow’! The paintings were impressive.

How do you think of social media?

It’s my life! And I doubt that anyone could survive without it! It’s really important.

And how do you think of online dating sites?

It’s a brilliant idea since it can stimulate our contact with others, and allow us to meet more people.

How did you feel the first time that you lived all by yourself?

I felt lonely, I cried a lot, I called my mom everyday. (Laugh)

In your opinion, what’s the secret to the longevity of a couple?

Communication. And accepting the flaws of your other half.

What did you do with your first salary?

I traveled, and gave some of it to my mom.

Who are you today?

I’m more sophisticated, and able to put myself in the others’ shoes.

What triggered you to dance?

When I was 4, my mom forced me to dance, because I always fell down, and rumor said that dancing could help me from falling down. I started from classic, and Iater different kinds of dancing.

Are you militant?

No… we can be anyone that we want to be, but there’s no reason to be radical.

What’s your souvenir from the first time that you were in love with someone?

It didn’t feel real… it was like a dream.

Have you been to many European countries?

Yes, a lot.

What’s your favorite city in Europe?

Venise, Paris, and Croatia.

How many times did you break up?

Three times.

Is it difficult to be your love interest?

No, it’s rather easy. He has to be nice, and not narcissistic.

How can one seduce you?

Hmm how can I put this… I like someone who embraces new things, and who’s committed to his passion more than me. (laugh)

How do you see yourself in ten years?

I’ll be working in Europe, traveling and dancing around the world!


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