It’s very different,because…

Lilliane 24 years old student in French language

I leaved in paris for a little more than a year,I am a student.I learn French and will go on studying cinematography in September.

     What was your path before coming to Paris?

When I was in China,I studied international business in a English University.

   You had wanted to be in international business?

Before yes,but now I changed my mind.

  What are your goals in the years to come?

Now my goal is to become a film director, that is why at the beginning of the school year I plan on getting into a school for superior studies in cinematography .

   Why this change of opinion?

Which person,artists or comedians influenced you to get into Film?

It’s my path  and the people I met in Paris . I met a man that really helped me and told me to do something to better get my feelings,my emotions ———-

  Do you do theater ? 

I am thinking about doing a theater and a cinema class at the same time when school starts.

I didn’t know anything about cinema or theater. There is nothing to do with business,It changes everything,there are two different worlds.

What kind of kid were you?

I was always very good and respectful towards the education my parents gave me.

  What are your goals short term?

Sign up for cinematography school and come back to China,see my Family for a few weeks.

Are you wanting to do theater and Film?

In China, I didn’t know Film.The way of life in China is already predefined ; you go to University, for example: I did the business studies,then I get into a very good company and I get married.

Here ,life is very modern,not at all like over there.

Before I like the movies,I never thought that one day I would study Film .The idea came to me here in Paris .

  What would you have done if not International Business studies?

Fashion or painter,I need to express myself one way or another.


Are you Athletic?Do you do any sports?

Yes.a little ,In China,I used to swim and play volleyball,but you have to do sports for the mental and the body it helps a lot. In Paris,I do yoga swimming and one hour of running along the Seine.

   What does the word liberty means to you?

Before I use to be a  closed person , I would protect myself from I decided to open up to people to learn more about other cultures.It’s a form of liberty.

  Do you feel free?

Yes and no. I am foreign here in Paris. there is a problem with the visa.I like Paris,I would love to live in Paris.but the problem is I have to find a job to renew the visa. I would like to not have to go back to China.If I stay in Paris,I will be more free;in China I would have a different type of freedom.

  Over there Freedom is not the same?

It’s very different,because I am a only child.My parents gave me their entire attention and love,I am over protected by my parents so it is very difficult.

If I was in China I would not have been able to study cinematography.

What do you think about all these social media outlets?

I think everyone is controlled by the internet.It is not a good invention,I hate the Internet. It controls me ;also as soon as you get cell phone you get controlled ,they know where you are and listen to your conversations.

But there are also a lot of positive points about the Internet ; in particular if you want to learn things it’s easy ,practical. I really think everyone is controlled.People don’t speak face to face anymore,they send each other SMS.

What souvenir do you keep from when you leaved alone?

When I was young ,my parents worked a lot and came home late.So ,always after school I would come home alone and stayed alone.I was already used of being alone so I am not afraid of leaving alone.

I came to Paris alone,without my parents or my friends around me .I had to take care of my problems by myself.It’s a little different here,before I always had someone to help me …It’s a new experience here for me to know that you are strong enough you can confront all the difficulties of every day;I am doing good,everything is going good.

But sometimes I would like a dog or a cat.

Does it give lots of work?

Sometimes ,talking to people is not easy,so I would like a dog or a cat.

A dog or a cat ,they don’t talk?

No,but they listen,we say “they are humans’s best friend” .

  What did you feel the first time you earned money?

I don’t have much experience gaining money,all my money comes from my parents.For my studied,I worked during my internship.I am too protected by my parents. for me this is not normal,I would like to find a job,nothing is changing right now I have to be patient.

    Do you play an instrument?

Yes,piano and Guzheng it’s a classic musical instrument for China.

How important is music in your life?

Music expresses emotions,music helps me to free myself from my emotions.

What do you remember from the first time you fell in love?

The first time I met a french boy he completely shook me . I fell in love with him.He changed me a lot,I didn’t recognized myself.I wanted to know everything about him.He made me completely naive,it wasn’t reasonable from me.

Were you in love?

Yes,it was the first time,but I lost him.It was very strong and intense emotions and I felt a lot for him,too bad.

What is the secret for a couple’s longevity?

It is to share and have projects together in common,go to the museum,go on walk in the gardens,go out to do things with my man.It might be a dream but it is my way to see a couple’s longevity.

Who is Lillian today?

It is hard to talk about yourself,I am a girl searching for myself,I battle myself and this formatting of this society and I am trying to get free .



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