Psychology represents the true meaning that…

Jennifer 25 years old, Psychology student

What kind of child was Jennifer?
Jennifer is a happy, lovable, carrying person, who wants to continue being open to new experiences and meeting new people. 

Where did your love for photography come from?
My passion for photography consists in being in front of the camera. I love pictures being taken of me. I love smiling and being myself. 

Is this your first time in Paris?
Yes, it is the first time I visit Paris.

Which part of Paris did you like best?
My favorite place in Paris was Montmartre.

What drew your attention in Paris?
The most striking thing about paris was meeting you Joaquim. 

What are your life goals?
My path is to graduate from school, travel the world, have a family and have a great career.

What is psychology for you?
Psychology represents the true meaning that everyone is different.

Why did you choose to study Psychology?
I chose Psychology for my studies because there is so much the brain does. And I like meeting new people and hearing their views.

What would you do if it was not Psychology?
My second choice of work is fitness, I like working with health because I like to see people better themselves.

Who influenced your choice ?
No one influenced me, I found it very interesting, which is why I pursued it.

Does it feel like you have some kind of mission?
No, I do not feel invested on a mission.
Do you currently feel free?
Yes, I feel very free and happy right now. 

What part does music play in you life?
Music makes me really happy, I listen to it all the time. 

Are you a feminist?
I am not a feminist.

Are you an activist?
I am not a militant.

What does social media bring to you?
Social media plays a very important role in the world because it shows us what is out there, shows us what other experiences we can have around the world or with other people.
How did you feel the first time you lived alone?
I have no resentment living alone.

What did you do with your first compensation?
With my first salary I helped my mother pay bills.

What did it feel like the first time you fell in love?
When I first fell in love I was happy!

What do you think makes a couple last?
The secret is trust and communication.

What are your short term goals?
I do not have any short term projects at the moment.

Who is Jennifer today ?
Jennifer is a sweet, loving, finding herself girl in pursuit of happiness.
Which city resembles you most?
Madrid is the city that suits me, makes me very happy and feel at home. 

Give me five good reasons to visit Nicaragua?
Nicaraguan food is very delicious but can cause a lot of weight gaining!!

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